Is GoDaddy Extorting Customers Into Upgrading Their Hosting?

Have you received the email from GoDaddy with the subject: Alert: hosting account approaching resource limits?
If so, you may be a victim of GoDaddy’s scheme to get more money out of their customers without any real reason. At wpONcall, we are in the unique position of seeing the performance and support from a lot of different hosting providers. One common thread that keeps popping up is with our clients who use GoDaddy hosting. Almost every single one has received the following email:

Godaddy extorting customers

The curious thing about this email is that it is coming to clients who have very simple websites and/or very low traffic. There is no reason they are using abnormal resources. Calling GoDaddy does not help either. They will simply say: It’s a WordPress site with plugins. There must be a plugin that is causing the spike in server usage.

Using GoDaddy’s own P3 plugin, you will be able to see what plugins are using the most resources, although it is not helpful in seeing the actual amount of server resources a particular plugin uses.

It is just our opinion, but it really does seem like this is a scheme to get more money out of customers by scaring them into thinking their site will not work with the limited resources. This conclusion comes as a combination of:

  • The sites getting the warning are not resource or traffic intensive websites. They do not actually use many server resources at all.
  • The close proximity in timing of all of these alert emails makes me think this is a marketing/strategic push by GoDaddy to make all of their customers upgrade their hosting for no valid reason.
  • The ubiquitous nature of the warning; almost every client on GoDaddy has received this email.

All of these points make me think that there is something more going on than meets the eye. So what do you do if you get this email from GoDaddy? You have two choices: either upgrade your server resources at GoDaddy or change your host. Along with many other reasons, we recommend you change your host to one that will not extort money from you.

If a plugin is “Untested with your version of WordPress” should you use it?

Answer: Yes, you can still install and activate a plugin with this notice.

Of course, it is better to use a plugin that you know is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress (and you did upgrade, didn’t you?).

The compatibility of a plugin is determined by actual users who vote on whether or not it is compatible on their site. Yet another reason why using an open source software like WordPress has its benefits.

So, if you have the choice, go for the plugin that is already compatible.

A compatible plugin

A compatible plugin

vs. an untested plugin

vs. an untested plugin