Make It Easy to Find Contact Information

What good is your website if a visitor can’t get in touch? How often have you gone to a site to only find a phone number and it is not made obvious? Don’t lose potential customers because you are frustrating them right off the bat.

How to Fix It (in order of importance):


  1. Make your contact page easy to find. There should be a link to your contact page in your main navigation (furthest to the right if possible), or in a secondary navigation bar above your main navigation (example here). Another spot that is acceptable is in your footer navigation. Visitors expect to find your contact page quickly and in a place where they expect it. Make it easy for them!
  2. Make sure you have the crucial 3 components of a contact page. These are:
    • A phone number
    • An email address
    • Your physical address
  3. Some visitors want to call, while other just need your address to mail you a check. Again, reduce all friction between you and a visitor contact.
  4. Put your contact information on the homepage. This can be a phone number in the header or footer of your site, or somewhere on the page before the user has to scroll down the page.

Don’t Make the Most Common WordPress Mistake!

The most common WordPress mistake I see is:

Linking a photo to its own media file

When you add an image to a page or post, you do not want it to link to itself, you simply want to embed it in the page. Unfortunately, the default setting in WordPress is to have your image link to its own media file when you insert it into the editor.

What does that look like?

Here is an image that links to its own media file:


This is caused by the way an image is inserted into the page. After you upload an image to the media library, you are given the choice to “Link To” something. This defaults to “Media File”, which is what you see above. You don’t want to put images in a page like that, do you?


How to Fix It

Instead of linking to the media file, simply change the drop down to: None (as seen below)


This results in an image on your page, that does not link to itself:


Make sure you are not making the same mistake when you add images!