Make It Easy to Find Contact Information

What good is your website if a visitor can’t get in touch? How often have you gone to a site to only find a phone number and it is not made obvious? Don’t lose potential customers because you are frustrating them right off the bat.

How to Fix It (in order of importance):


  1. Make your contact page easy to find. There should be a link to your contact page in your main navigation (furthest to the right if possible), or in a secondary navigation bar above your main navigation (example here). Another spot that is acceptable is in your footer navigation. Visitors expect to find your contact page quickly and in a place where they expect it. Make it easy for them!
  2. Make sure you have the crucial 3 components of a contact page. These are:
    • A phone number
    • An email address
    • Your physical address
  3. Some visitors want to call, while other just need your address to mail you a check. Again, reduce all friction between you and a visitor contact.
  4. Put your contact information on the homepage. This can be a phone number in the header or footer of your site, or somewhere on the page before the user has to scroll down the page.
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