Get Real User Testing on Your Site, for Free

Today, we will take a look at what User Testing actually is, how you can run your own user testing for free, and how we used it to improve our own site.

What is user Testing?

Who do you ask when you want honest, unbiased feedback on your website or business? Do you ask family, friends, colleagues or partners? The problem with all of these choices is that they want to make you feel good about what you are doing.


What you really need is anonymous, unfiltered feedback from a person that has no idea of who you are or what you offer.

That is exactly where user testing comes in.

User testing is having an unbiased, uninformed (about your product) person navigate your site and give real insight about what they think of the flow and value proposition of your website. A complete stranger will sit down and record a screen capture with narration of them navigating your site and answering specific questions. See below for an actual example.

How do I test my own site for free?

Peek, by the company User Testing, is a service where you submit your website address and three hours later, you are given an actual video of a random person navigating your site. They will evaluate what works and what doesn’t and even give their opinion on your business model and pricing. You can do up to three tests for free each month.

Peek is a free service with no strings attached. The company “User Testing” uses Peek as a way to advertise their premium offerings (longer testing and demographic targeting).

What We Learned from Our User Testing

After hearing about Peek, we immediately ran 3 free tests. Here are the actual videos we received and what we took away from each one:

The first test we got back was not the most helpful, but was still constructive. The tester had never heard of WordPress before, so it was hard for her to understand what my site was about. It did make me realize that my main headline on my homepage could be more clear about what we actually offer. The review motivated me to change my headline from:

WordPress is Hard. We Make it Easy.


Unlimited WordPress Website Support


The second test confirmed that my headline change was a good one, as she understood what we offer more quickly. This reviewer did not have a good understanding of WordPress either, but seeing her navigate the site was still informative.


This reviewer was the most insightful as she had some understanding of WordPress. The biggest takeaway was how my pricing page was setup. I had a package for $39, which caused confusion about the whole product offering. Because of this, I rearranged my pricing page to really focus on our main offering at $79 per month.

Have you used user testing on your website? What takeaways did you have?

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