WordPress Formatting Shortcuts: Cheat Sheet

With WordPress version 4.3, a new feature called “Formatting Shortcuts” was introduced. WordPress formatting shortcuts works a lot like a markdown editor where you can add formatting as you type without having to add from the toolbar later. We have created a cheat sheet infographic to make it easier for you to take advantage of this feature. A few notes to help you out:

  • Remember to put a space after each shortcode to make it activate. For example: *(space)content
  • Heading 1 is not available as a shortcut. Only H2-H6
  • The formatting happens as you type. Once you hit the space bar, the visual editor will show the correct formatting.
  • There are other WordPress formatting shortcuts you can use, but the ones used below seem to work the best are the easiest to use.

WordPress Formatting Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Please share this guide if you think it might help someone you know!

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