Update WP eCommerce To Patch New Security Vulnerability

What is WP eCommerce?

WP eCommerce used to be the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin to power an online store through WordPress. That was until WooCommerce came along and took most of the market share. I do not see any reason to stay on WP eCommerce as WooCommerce has far more extensions and support. This latest security threat may be the last straw for many people using WP eCommerce.

What is the Vulnerability?

A vulnerability was found in the plugin that allows a bad person (hacker) to easily access and change private information. This vulnerability can expose confidential information about your past customers and also allow the attacker to potentially purchase an item on your site without paying. Some pretty big issues!

What Should You Do?

You have two choice to easily fix this vulnerability:

  • Update to the latest version of WP eCommerce, which has already been patched (download here).
  • Switch your online store from WP eCommerce to WooCommerce. This may not be quick and easy, but you will have a more powerful system to run your store going forward.

If you are running WP eCommerce, update right away!


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