Upcoming WordPress Release: 4.4

When Does the New Release Come Out?

Today! You should already be receiving alerts in your dashboard for the new update. All wpONcall customers have already been updated and checked for any issues. We are not seeing any big issues with our client sites so far. It seems to be a fairly trouble-free update.

How will this version effect me?

For the most part, you will not see any noticeable changes when logging into WordPress. There are some big backend features that effect the big picture of WordPress’ future path (in particular, introducing the WordPress API into core – learn more here). For most users, this won’t have any effect on how they currently use their WordPress site. It will, however, have an impact on how we will interact with WordPress in the future.

One cool feature that you can start using today is “Responsive Images”. In WordPress 4.4. WordPress will automatically serve the correctly sized image depending on the screen size of the device. You can upload an image that is 1500px wide and it will serve a smaller version automatically. This makes it easier for site owners to do less editing and resizing of their images before uploading.

Another noticeable change is the comment form on posts. Now, the comment field is the first to show, then the name, email and website fields. The comment form used to have the comment field show last. This will make it easier for visitors to leave a comment.


Of course, there are other changes in WP 4.4, but nothing that will have much impact on you!

Anything to look out for?

We haven’t had any major issues yet. We will update here if anything comes up.

You should update your site as soon as possible and make sure to make a backup before you do!

Here is a video overview of the changes:
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