The Top 5 Business Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Now

Podcasts are a great way to learn new business skills and get inspiration for your own business. Below are 5 podcasts that I am learning from every day.  You should take the time to check out at least one!



1. Entrepreneur on Fire

For Business Motivation

Entrepreneur on Fire is a 7-day a week show where host John Lee Dumas interviews a different entrepreneur each day. I find a lot of inspiration and great tidbits of advice every episode I listen to. The format of the show is very structured; the same questions are asked to each entrepreneur and the episodes are always 25-30 minutes long.

Pros: This podcast will motivate you to keep going when times get tough. Hearing that every entrepreneur goes through both struggles and “ah-ha” moments helps me focus on that end goal. Host, John Lee Dumas, does a great job of moving things along and pulling out great tid-bits from each guest. This podcast is consistent, you know what you are going to get.

Cons: There is not a ton of specific, actionable items you can take away from this show. You are getting mostly stories and general advice that is hard to apply right away. There are no specific topics on subjects you need help in, just general interviews. It can also be hard to keep up, as a new show is posted everyday.

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2. Smart Passive Income Podcast

For Actionable Insights

The Smart Passive Income Podcast is one of my favorites for actionable advice I can take with my business today. Each week, a different topic is covered, usually related to online marketing and online businesses. At first, I was weary that this was a podcast targeted to those wanting to “get rich quick”. I quickly realized that there was a ton of great advice and tips that can be used for any business trying to market their business online.

Pros: Each episode gives actionable advice that you can start applying to your website while you listen. The show is honest and to the point. When I am looking to learn something new while on my commute, I know this podcast will deliver.

Cons: Some of advice on the show is only meant for businesses that want to create a passive income online (surprising!). You may need to skip the episodes that are only for affiliate marketing or ad revenue and skip to the ones that can help you market your traditional business online.

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3. The Rocketship Podcast

For a Wide Variety of Weekly Business Topics

A weekly podcast interviewing entrepreneurs in different fields. This is a great podcast to learn from a larger variety of industries and topics. Unlike Entrepreneur on Fire, the format of the show is a bit looser, which allows for a less predicable episode each week. Their guests are high quality and the production of the show is very well done.

Pros: This podcast consistently has high quality guests and interesting topics. Guests come from a wide range of industries so you get advice you may not have been looking for. It also focusses on topics outside of online marketing, which is nice to mix in to your podcast lineup.

Cons: The hosts of the show do not give a lot of extra value to the discussion but the guests usually make up for that.

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4. The Fizzle Show

For Entertainment and a little advice

The Fizzle Show is a new one on my list. I find their topics to be extremely helpful, but sometimes they just don’t get to the point quickly enough. I listen to this podcast when I don’t want to think too hard and just want to listen to some lively conversations. You have to like the hosts’ style and sense of humor to get through this one. If you do, though, you can find some really good advice from guys who have had success marketing their business online.

Pros:  Relevant topics and good advice from hosts that know what they are talking about. I get some entertainment value with the conversations and personalities of the 3 or 4 hosts.

Cons: I am sometimes disappointed that I am not getting the advice/tips that were promised in the show descriptions. Sometimes I wish they would just get to the point.

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5. Seth Godin’s Startup School

For Proven Startup Advice 

You can’t go wrong with advice from Seth Godin. This podcast is different in that it is not an ongoing (weekly or daily) podcast, but rather a recording of a workshop Seth Godin put on a for a group of startup founders. Each episode covers a different topic from marketing to operations to business idea validation.

Pros: A high quality podcast that every entrepreneur can learn from. I found myself taking notes from every episode.

Cons: There is an end to this podcast. Once its over, there are no more updates to keep you going.

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I think we are just at the beginning of great business podcasts. The medium is fairly new, so I see a lot of promise in the future of the format. Are there any business podcasts that you can recommend?