Announcing Unlimited WordPress Support!

Today is a big day at wpONcall! We are announcing unlimited WordPress support services. We have also added a lower-cost package that provides proactive updates, backups and security. Previously, our core product was one hour a month of support, plus updates backups and security.

What Does This Mean?

We have changed our business model from one hour a month of support time to unlimited small tasks, tweaks and customizations. We are limiting each task to under 30 minutes so we can handle the support for all our clients. But, you can give us as many 30 minute tasks as you need while on the subscription!

Why Did We Make this Change?

We did this for two reasons:

  • It will be better for our clients. Unlimited support provides a lot more value than one hour a month. Clients no longer have to worry about using up their allotted hour. Support is always there when they need it without overage charges.
  • It will be better for us. It eliminates the chore of tracking each client’s time. As we’ve grown, it’s become clear that tracking time is a waste of time. Not having to do this means we can better focus on supporting our clients.

What Are the Benefits to You?

No more worrying about how much time you have used and no more overage charges for going over your hour of time. Just send requests as you have the need our help!

New Pricing

Unlimited support, plus updates backups and security is just $79 per month. No sign-up fees and no long-term commitments.

We’ve also added a new lower cost package for clients who don’t need the unlimited support but want the protection of daily plugin updates, weekly backups and security scanning. This package is just $39 a month. If you ever need unlimited support, it is an easy switch to the unlimited $79 package.


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